Guaranteed Savings through Group Benefits

Why get a membership?

Becoming a member gives you access to all of the benefits and perx from all our partners. The discounts that you take advantage of will put money right back into your pockets.

How do I get and redeem my Perx?

Once you become a member of the Power Perx team you will have access to ALL of the benefits. Make sure that you click the Join button to get started and start receiving your benefits. Each benefit will have a link that you can follow to access your perx. 

How do I Log into the Power Perx App?

Download the app titled ‘Power Perx Deals’ on your phone using the Google Play Store or the Apple app store.

After first opening the app, it will ask you for an email address. You can use whatever email address you want at this point, it does not have to be your Power Perx email address. Most members are using the same personal email address that they used when they joined Power Perx.

The next space is asking for your Power Perx app ID. This is usually your first name last name, all lower case and no spaces. This Power Perx ID for the mobile app is found on your Perx page in the green box. Remember the app ID is not your Power Perx email address.

By filling out the next fields, which are your first name, last name and zip code then pressing done; the app will come up with about 12 categories where you can save money. Remember the app is GPS driven so wherever you are in the U.S., the app will pull the discounts that are available in the area you are located. 

How do I become a member of Powerperx?

To become a member of PowerPerx, you can select the "Join Now" button and create your PowerPerx account. 

How will other companies know that I am a PowerPerx member?

When you become a PowerPerx member, you will be given your own personal PowerPerx e mail address. This email address will be what you can give to companies to prove your membership and start receiving your benefits.

Am I locked into a contract when I sign up for PowerPerx?

When you become a PowerPerx member, you simply need to pay the monthly fee to continue receiving your perx. There is no contract; however, these perx are lost once you stop paying for your membership or cancel the service. At this point, you will go back to paying the original price to the companies where you were previously receiving discounts. 

Does each member of my household have to have a Power Perx membership?

You will only need to have one Power Perx membership per household, and you will be able to receive all of the perx.

How long does it take to start receiving the discount from my mobile phone carrier?

Typically you will see it on your next billing cycle, but the phone carriers state it can take up to 2 billing cycles to see the discount appear on your statement. It all depends on when you sign up in the course of your mobile phone billing cycle and if the carrier has enough time to process and post your discount to show on your next bill.

How does my family take advantage of the savings from the mobile app?

The Power Perx Mobile Identifier can be used by the primary Power Perx member plus 3 immediate family members to log in to and access the perx in the mobile app.